About Me

I had my first experience with computers via Crazy Taxi when I was about 5, I enjoyed playing games on the computer when I was a child, and at 12 when I got fascinated by the book “Digital Fortress” I decided I would study computer science. Since then my passion for computers and CS has steadily increased.

During my time in university I spent a lot of time studying Algorithms and Data Structures, dynamic memory allocation in C, and other fundamental concepts of CS. I then applied the theory I learned by building multiple CLI and GUI applications using varied technologies like QT, and .NET, from which I learned some of the important principles of clean code and OOP such as: separation of concerns, single responsibility, and dependency injection.

Since my sophomore year, I also started working on websites using a MERN stack(3+ years), to expand my understanding of application development. I am familiar to Agile Development & Scrum & Waterfall model from my earlier contribution processes. I have 5+ years of experience on Linux.

I graduated with a BSc degree in Computer Science from the Dokuz Eylul University; my final project titled AI Algorithms’ Comparisons In AgarIO Game has the goal to train the CNN, DQN, and SARSA algorithms with 6 different hyperparameters in order to select the training model with the highest average score during training for each algorithm and measure performance analysis using statistics that compare the success of these selected models.